You Are Never Too Small To Make A Big Difference

Impacting a Community with Kindness a Guide for Parents and Teachers Including Tips and Strategies to Teach Empathy to Children of All Ages

Authored by Beth R. Davis Ed. S.
Contributions by Rebekah Davis, Benjamin Davis

From The Foreword by Dianne Collins, Author of:
Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World

Every one of us is born a blessed bundle of joy with the potential to move the world with the tiniest acts of kindness and caring. The sensitive, sweet, inspired spirit of a child very naturally wants to help, to contribute, to give, to make a better world. All we require is guidance and nurturing and acknowledging of that power inherent in each one of us. In this wonderful, amazing, charming and important book, Beth Davis shows us how.

The song lyric “Teach your children well” resounds through every page as you read about children who at the youngest ages have created causes for good, have volunteered with boundless enthusiasm, have extended a helping hand and a loving heart to their fellow small-sized human beings, that each and every child may enjoy an abundant and productive, happy and healthy life. All because a parent, a teacher, a friend showed them the way.

With the storytelling ease and profound wisdom of a saint, Beth Davis becomes that friend to all of us. With childlike wonder she whisks you up, up and away on a magic carpet ride of kindness and caring through stories and experiences that will warm your heart, ignite the most elevated aspects of your soul, expand your mind and fill you with the meaning and purpose of what life is all about- -caring and sharing. All the while standing firmly on the ground of practical action, planting and sowing seeds of human potential as she has you realize how truly easy it is to make a difference.

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What others are saying about Beth Davis


“A good teacher is a most precious person — Beth Davis for one splendid example.  In her stories of Grandpa Ben and Madison and Davie and many more, she has given us all a book of love and example and meaning.”
David Lawrence, Jr. (President of Early Childhood
Initiative Foundation)
“Beth Davis’ work has a ripple effect of kindness, caring and looking out for one another.  This translates into empathy and making the world a better place.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone “got” the message?”
Ruth Alperin (Educational Specialist)
“Beth Davis has created a REAL gem of a book.  She has lived what she proposes in this book.  Beth is the REAL DEAL . . . her strategies and tips have been honed and tested out in the real world with real kids . . . with real and lasting results.  I have witnessed how normally self-absorbed little children have been changed by her methods and philosophy.”
Linda Lentin (1989 Florida Teacher Of The Year)
“Beth knows the power of kindness, and how a simple action can change the way we see the world.  She has inspired thousands of kids and now she shares memories and tips in this charming book.  Her energy is contagious.  Her absolute conviction that little people have power is unwavering. This is a great book to read aloud with the family.”
Lynne Cameron (Executive Director, Neighbors 4 Neighbors)
“It is heartwarming to see a family truly living by the mitzvah of tezdaka “giving” principals. In Judaism, giving to the poor is not viewed as a generous, magnanimous act; it is simply an act of justice and righteousness, the performance of a duty, giving the poor their due. This book is a resource every family and teacher should have in their library.  The practical, easily implemented deeds of kindness is something everyone needs to succeed in doing.  The Davis family story is an inspiration for all to follow.”
Joanie Grillo (Early Care and Education Advocate)

Beth R. Davis – Author

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